This eBook includes:

An in-depth analysis of four 3PL pricing models: transactional, fixed variable, cost-plus and outcome-based. You will discover the pros and cons of working with each pricing model as well as details about: 

  • How it benefits the shipper
  • How it benefits the 3PL
  • Potential risks inherent in the pricing model
  • When to use the pricing model
  • How to manage the pricing model
  • How to prepare for and defend against scope creep
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When you decide to work with a partner for your logistics needs, there are a few constants that will always hold true: you’ll want to vet their reputation, you’ll want to make sure they have the capacity and ability to deal with your volume needs both now and in the future, and finally, you’ll need to make sure all aspects of the pricing structure of your partnership meets your needs. So what type of 3PL pricing model do you need?