Distribution Center Management: A Best Practices Overview

The Data:

The supply chain management faculty at UT Knoxville’s Haslam College of Business, identified warehousing best practices for modern distribution centers across 11 key functions. They surveyed over 200 companies and worked with Kenco Logistics to conduct research.

The Results:

This white paper provides logistics managers with modern tools to increase accuracy, efficiency, and network performance. It also includes a Distribution Center Best Practices Evaluation Tool you can use to score your site(s).

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This white paper draws on data from three sources. The first is information gleaned from the supply chain audits done at the University of Tennessee. The second is from third party logistics professionals who manage extremely large warehouse networks for very demanding clients. Finally, the third set of inputs was drawn from industry supply chain professionals with extensive warehouse management responsibilities. The companies included some of the largest retailers in the world, prominent manufacturers, and 3PLs.