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According to the 26th Annual State of Logistics Report, presented by the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP), the logistics industry experienced a 3.1% cost increase in the sector for 2014.

But, even as costs increased, the percentage of overall costs relative to GDP remained constant. 

How did logisticians perform with better outcomes given tighter constraints?

The answer lies in optimization.

This eBook examines the three main cost factors of a supply chain and the methods to optimize your network design.


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Though the logistics industry is always in flux, always in a complex relationship with other operators—from suppliers to regulators—network optimization engineers are continually rising to the challenge. Optimizing a supply chain enables business through tools that are informed by up-to-date analysis of other operators. Managers expend less bandwidth. Operations across transportation and inventory integrate. The overall result is a designed network that benefits business and customers. For businesses that feel their distribution network has an area for improvement from either an overall cost and a service level performance, network optimization can be key in driving future success.