This report includes:

  • Tables and figures to illustrate findings.

  • The measures have been grouped into five balanced sets – customer, financial, capacity/quality, employee and perfect order index metrics – plus the additional sets related cash-to-cash cycle measurement

  • How the metrics can translate into real world examples. 
Kenco - Ecommerce and Omni Channel Fulfillment

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Unremarkable. That’s how we would describe 2019. Based on 2020’s start, that’s just how we like it. Each year we conduct the DC Measures study, we anticipate what the data will reveal in terms of how companies are utilizing metrics to drive their performance initiatives. Usually, we expect to see similar measures utilized by our respondents from year to year. This year there was quite a shift, as metrics jumped up that haven’t been in the Top 12 in several years indicating a shift in the areas that DCs are concerned about.